About the Elite Reader

The Elite Reader was developed to provide readers the best book deals throughout the week. The co founders come from diverse backgrounds including fortune 25 retail merchandising as well as both traditional and self publishing original content. They see an opportunity to provide a select group of readers curated titles from around the world in one easy format. Additionally, they chose specifically not to be a daily newsletter to avoid deal overload to our subscriber base. Currently the Elite Reader is focused on the latest Romance titles.


They are constantly refining their approach to not only give their select subscribers the best books but also authors a chance to promote their books (once a title has gone through our vetting process and is approved) in a clean effective marketing medium.

In the future The Elite Reader could venture into other genre's but romance is our focus in the short and mid term.


We are always looking for feedback to make this experiece better for both for our readers as well as authors. please provide feedback via the contact us tab.