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This includes placement of your title in our weekly newsletter. We hand select titles to share directly with our subscribers. To be considered, your book should have a minimum of 20 reviews at major retailers, such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble with at least a 4.2 average rating or better, and an appealing, professional book cover. We only feature romance novels, and we only feature books priced at $0.99-$2.99.

Cost: $29





New Release Announcement

You get one shot at successfully launching a new release. This service is for authors who are looking for additional ways to promote a full priced new release. These packages fill up quickly. This will include your cover, synopsis, notable quotes, etc. and of course the buy links. If interested, please designate the New Release Announcement option on the submission form.

Cost: $59




For 2019 we're excited to update our offerings for authors!


We will still continue to offer two different options - one to advertise new releases, and one to advertise sales.


The changes are as follows: 


For new release, rather than a single new release title per email, we are reacting to reader preferences -- when they open their email from The Elite Reader, they would like to see more than 1 book at a time. They would like to see that week's new releases to browse and shop ...

So we will begin featuring multiple books, generally 2-3 books per email. The price will be lowered from $100, down to $59! 


For 99-cent sales, we will continue to promote sale titles as we have done in the past, at the new price of $29.


We thank you so much for your continued support!

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 - New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Lauren Blakely